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January 18, 2024
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Countdown of Third-Party Cookies: Preparing for the New Digital Privacy


On January 4, 2024, Google Chrome initiated a pivotal testing phase for its new Tracking Protection feature. This feature, designed to limit cross-site tracking, achieves its goal by restricting access to third-party cookies by default. Initially, this testing phase will impact 1% of Chrome users worldwide. The broader objective is to completely phase out third-party cookies for all users in the latter half of 2024, marking a significant shift in online privacy and data management practices.

JITTY's Strategy for Website Preparedness

In response to these impending changes, JITTY presents a robust plan to ensure your websites are fully equipped to navigate the third-party cookie phase-out. Our strategy is comprehensive, addressing each critical stage of preparation:

1. Audit Your Third-Party Cookie Usage

The first step in this journey is an extensive audit of your current use of third-party cookies. This audit will help identify the extent to which your site relies on these cookies. Understanding the specific areas of dependency is crucial for developing an effective transition plan.

2. Test for Breakage

After identifying your third-party cookie usage, the next phase involves testing your website in an environment where these cookies are blocked. This simulation will reveal any functional breakdowns or performance issues that arise due to the absence of third-party cookies, providing a clear picture of potential impacts.

3. Detect the Issues

Following the testing, the focus shifts to issue detection. Our experts utilize advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint specific problems resulting from third-party cookie restrictions. This detailed analysis ensures that no aspect of your website’s functionality is overlooked.

4. Plan to Fix Detected Issues

Upon identifying the issues, JITTY collaborates with your team to devise a strategic action plan. This plan is tailored to address the unique challenges faced by your website, offering solutions that align with the upcoming changes while maintaining operational integrity and user experience.

5. Implement Fixes to Be Ready for Third-Party Cookie Phase-Out

The final step is the implementation of these strategies. Our team ensures a seamless integration of new practices and technologies, focusing on privacy-centric solutions. This approach not only prepares your website for the post-third-party cookie era but also positions it at the forefront of digital privacy and compliance.

In conclusion, as the digital landscape evolves with the phasing out of third-party cookies, JITTY stands ready to guide and support your website through this transition. Our comprehensive plan ensures that your site remains functional, compliant, and competitive, embracing the new era of digital privacy.

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